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Best way to extend quality of life for the aging male (or female)!

Dr. Tim and the clinic’s staff have been providing treatment for my damaged 48 year old body for a little over a year now and I feel
better, stronger and more energetic than I did when I was 35, probably even 30.

I am also getting an education in human biology so I understand the importance of balance!

Jon HRT 14/07/2015

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Great Facility

Great facility! Dr Tim really knows his stuff. I felt better within 10 days just as told. It’s so nice to have an American health care provider here in Thailand who really understands his patients. I recommend for any man looking for hormone therapy to seek this place out when in Thailand. I’ve been with them more than 5 months now. (This testimonial courtesy of Google Plus, posted in 2014)

Jay Martin Thailand 10/06/2015

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Absolutely brilliant service and results

I am 48 years old, over the recent years I have struggled a little with maintaining my previous high fitness level. The simple low cost easy solution provided by the Team at Maximum Performance Wellness Center is remarkable and the results were far above any prior expectations I had. I will with this short note convey my gratitude to the wellness center team….

Paul Pattaya, Thailand HRT 05/06/2015

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Professional and Comfortable

Dr. Tim and his team have been excellent. I have more energy now and feel much healthier. Testosterone is back to where is should be and Triglycerides in check. Thank you!

Steve Pattaya, Thailand Testosterone therapy, blood analysis 02/06/2015

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Great service

“Great service and price.”
Treatment Received : Urologist Consultation

Warren Jomtien, Thailand 01/04/2015

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Most professional clinic

“This is the most professional clinic with the most knowledgeable staff in all of Thailand. After searching for 2 yrs I finally found someone who knows what they are doing and I feel great.”
Treatment Received : All

Thomas Thailand 17/02/2015

Testimonials Female

Very pleased with the service

“Very pleased with the service at this clinic. The doctors were able to diagnose my problem and treat me satisfactorily. Excellent follow-up and monitoring.”
Treatment Received : Testosterone Therapy

Sigurdur Thailand 01/02/2015

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Can’t fault treatment or staff

“TRT. Great service. From doctors to nurses to receptionist, can’t fault treatment or staff. Best decision I made.”
Treatment Received : TRT

Warren Jomtien, Thailand 15/11/2014

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“Outstanding! I was feeling very lethargic and having difficulty focusing. My T levels were tested as that of someone 20 years older than I am! Now I have far more energy and my libido and sex life are back to what it was 20 years ago! Sex 10 times a week compared to once or twice before. Also able to focus much better. The cost is a third what it costs in the PI and a fraction of the US costs. He can send medicine if necessary.

Dr Tim and his staff looked at the medicines I was taking and adjusted treatment accordingly explained everything and reminded me about follow up tests. They check the results to see that everything is where it needs to be. Dr Tim is extremely knowledgeable and quick to help educate me. Great value!”
Treatment Received : T, supplements, energy boots

Dave Philippines 19/07/2014

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Very Knowledgeable

“Dr. Tim was very knowledgeable. After speaking with him I feel much better, and I look forward to my therapy.”
Treatment Received : Testosterone replacement therapy

Scott Thailand 17/07/2014

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