Side Effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

Side Effects of Testosterone Replacement TherapySide Effects of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The Risk/Benefit Ratio of TRT

As with any medical intervention, the benefits of Low T therapy must be weighed against the potential risk of adverse reactions or side effects of testosterone replacement therapy.

Whether testosterone replacement therapy creates a poisonous or beneficial environment is largely dependent upon how the medication is delivered and dosed.

Those who abuse testosterone and other androgen may experience significant and even life threatening side effects. Somewhat similarly, if treatment of Low T is mismanaged or not carefully monitored, patients will experience a higher rate and increased severity of adverse reactions or possibly a complete lack of meaningful results.

For the most part, this discussion will deal with side effects associated with TRT in general, but some attention will be given to particular differences in the variety of methods utilized for treatment of Low T.

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Why Side Effects Occur With Testosterone Replacement Therapy
Side Effects of TRT: DHT and Estradiol
Side Effects of TRT: Prostate Changes
Side Effects of TRT: Suppression of Fertility
Side Effects of TRT: “Blood Thickening” and Other Side Effects
Other Side Effects
What Can Be Done About It?