Our Process – Low Testosterone Therapy

Our Process - Maximum Performance Wellness CenterOur Process for Low Testosterone Therapy

Our Process for Low Testosterone Therapy we follow at Maximum Performance Wellness Center was born out of our dedication to three primary philosophies;

  1. Each patient deserves our best effort every time we see them.
  2. We recognize that our practice of medicine is a disciplined art.
  3. We must always strive to build our knowledge base, learn new things, and perpetually refine our approach.

With those tenets in mind we have developed an attentive but streamlined process to serve you. You deserve the best and we will always put forth the effort to achieve that.

What You Will Experience

Your experience starts with the scheduling of your first visit. From the first call, or if you’re just coming by for a walk in appointment; we will remain committed to answering your questions and collecting all the necessary information to get you started. We take very seriously the trust you put in us and we will treat you and your personal information accordingly. On your first visit our team of medical professionals will obtain a detailed history from you and answer whatever questions you may have about therapy.

Our Process for Determining Your Testosterone Level

Before any treatment can be started, comprehensive laboratory blood tests must be done. The results of these tests, together with our subjective findings during your initial consultation with us, will determine your need for hormonal intervention.

Our doctors will discuss with you, your symptoms, your appropriateness for testosterone replacement, and the risks and benefits of therapy. If you are determined to have hypogonadism (Low T) and choose to proceed with therapy, the next step will be selecting the FDA approved means of testosterone replacement that is right for you.

Your treatment plan will be tailored to your unique needs. While we recognize that men respond most favorably to injection therapy, some patients are not candidates for traditional testosterone replacement and may benefit from topical therapy, or other stimulatory therapies.

Your overall health is important to us and your time is important to us too. Once therapy is initiated we will use periodic lab testing to ensure that we not only keep you at optimum levels, but that we also minimize and/or eliminate any side effects.

When done the right way, for the right reasons, and on the right candidate, testosterone therapy is safe, effective, and can even be life changing.
If you are unsure about your symptoms and would like some help thinking it over, TAKE THE QUIZ HERE.

If you think that Low T may be decreasing your quality of life, then don’t hesitate. CONTACT US NOW! we have the Low T answer you have been looking for.